That's MEREBO: All inclusive

The main attention of MEREBO is to provide you with full service and high standards to simplify your participation as much as possible. Our renowned partners for freight forwarding, individual stand design, travel, accommodation, etc. will also support you.

MEREBO and partners are always available on-site to ensure a smooth show process for you and your company.

Participation Cost

 Full Package Stands Normal Rate
9 m² Row Stand EUR 4200
12 m² Row Stand EUR 5600
18 m² Row Stand EUR 8300
24 m² Head Stand EUR 10900
Space Only Normal Rate (per m²)
Corner Stand (min. 18 m²) EUR 410
Head Stand (min. 36 m²) EUR 415
Island Stand (min. 72 m²) EUR 420

Details of the Full Package Stands

The Full Package Stands contain all necessary items of a high quality stand construction. They enable an attractive presentation of your company. Additional items such as machinery power connections, water supplies, show cases, kitchen units or any other special requirement can be ordered as well.

Full Package Stands contain:

• Exhibition space
• Stand construction in Octanorm System
• Carpet in different colours
• Company name on fascia panel
• Lockable storage room (9 and 12 m²: 0.5 m², 18 and 24 m²: 1 m²)
• 1 Information counter (18 and 24 m²: 2)
• 1 Power socket 220V
• 1 Paper basket
• 1 spotlights each 3 m²
• 1 Table 70 x 70 cm (18 and 24 m²: 2)
• 4 Leather chairs (18 and 24 m²: 6)
• Exhibitor Badges
• Listing in the Catalogue